Anthony Vega

Genre: Hip Hop

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Born in '98, Anthony grew up in what he calls "Hip Hop's Tranisition" from it's second golden age and underground success into mainstream media and crossover-pop. The first record he can remember thinking was really dope was "Dead and Gone" by T.I. From there, he went ballistic. He continuted to research and discover new songs and sounds that he'd never heard. "I remember finding 50 Cent and Eminem completely separate and then finding out that 50 Cent was signed to Em and just losing my f****ng mind.". From there, he continued down the path of discovering old and new Hip Hop music by some of the world's most talented and classic artists. He then connected the music he heard to his own life experiences duing his younger years when he was without a role-model. He was then able to find answers and solutions to many of the problems that he faced which made life more understandable and easier to go through. "It taught me respect, it taught me how to be a f****ng man. I hate, and I really mean hate, this cookie cutter bullsh*t, fake-a**, drama filled era of Hip Hop crossover pop bullsh*t. A genre that for so long was modeled on respect, honesty, authenticity and being dope is now watered down, copied, pasted and just plainly not thought out. My goal if anything as an MC is to be exactly that. A f****ng MC. Not a rapper, not a one-hit-wonder, not a sell out and ultimately to bring respect to a genre and an artform in which I owe that much respect and thanks to. This is my life, with or without whatever money is to be made or success to be had. First and foremost, it was me and myself and the pen that I had."


Let's Get It (Remix)

Pussy Bong

You Don't Know

Conspiracy Theories 2

Faithful (Feature)

The Outsider

Two Fifty Six

Go Fuck Yourself

Rhythm and Poetry