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Middle River, MD


Growing up in a big family, Jacob knew he would have to work extra hard to be noticed. Since a young age, Jacob (Endeavor) Schleupner was strongly influenced by music. Always being a standout anytime a note was being played. By his middle school years, he was playing drums and guitar in his church band from time to time. However, it wasn't until he turned 15 that he knew what his calling would be. After freestyle sessions with his friends, cousins, and just about anyone that would listen, he decided it was time to put his pen to his pad. Jacob started off recording rhymes over an MP3 player, and later attempting to mix the vocals with the beat in Audacity. When he turned 16, he asked for one thing for Christmas, a microphone. That same day, he started to build something that one day would be bigger than he ever imagined. When he turned 18, after being forced to leave from home; the main events, which turned him into who he is today, transpired and began to build the machine known as Endeavor. Now, 24 years old, Endeavor has signed to Mad Prince Records with the aspirations of being, not only the next big thing, but a firm staple in the Hip Hop community.

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