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Compton, CA


Gary McCoy a.k.a. F1sh L'dale or F1sh for short. Born and raised in Compton California I started rapping in the 4th grade but didn't get serious until the 8th grade 10th grade is when I wanted to do it as a career. I started rapping because my older brother dante parker who messed with def row back in the day but never signed.Music always been my passion specially after my brother got killed by police august 12 2014 that hit me very very hard so that's when F1sh L'dale got created.I end up having a daughter name kayden tatum McCoy February 16 2018 that's my biggiest reason to make it in music now. My influences are tyler the creator, Michael jackson and 2pac my top influence in music is Pharrell Williams he's dope all around.i got a team name K.O.D.E which stands for kreate or devour everything members name Wavey manioco, Piece maker ,vecci the loner and k riverz and on the media side Twiggs.

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